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Choosing where to buy in Cyprus

After endless months of information searching, you are finally ready to look for your dream property in Cyprus. Armed with a huge folder bursting with educational material, the day has come to take the plunge. You are feeling very excited - but at the same time apprehensive as there are still so many questions to be answered.

Samantha and Graham decided it was finally time to put a stake in the ground and go for it. They spent over a year planning their trip and wanted to make sure they were armed with as much knowledge as possible before making any financial commitment. With quite a low budget, every penny was going to count. Samantha takes up the story:

“Graham and I have been saving for years in a building society account to buy a holiday home overseas. Initially, we had no idea where it would be. But we knew it was a dream that one day would come true. We wanted a hot and sunny climate not too far away that had daily flights to and from the UK and where English was widely spoken. Cyprus fitted the bill perfectly. And the more we read about it, the more we decided it could be just the place for us.”

“We are searching for a small apartment in a quiet area. It has to be within walking distance of the shops as I don’t drive and there are limited bus services,” said Samantha. Graham continued: “Ideally, we’d like to be close to the beach so we can get up in the morning and have a dip in the Med before the day begins, but properties in these locations tend to be expensive.”

Nevertheless, their research showed there were one or two areas where they could find what they were looking for, so now it is just a question of when to go. “We decided not to search for property during the summer months due to the heat, so we have decided to fly out mid-November” said Graham. Samantha added: “By doing this, we also have the added bonus that flights, hotels and car hire are all much cheaper - which means we can stay longer and really get to know the areas we have chosen.”

They decided to look for property on their own rather than take an organised inspection trip, as they wanted as much freedom as possible. Another priority is to find a good local lawyer. They found the Cyprus British High Commission list very useful and have found three they are going to interview.

Graham continued: “I think it’s fair to say that we have probably spent more time than most conducting our research - but we want to get it right first time. We are going armed with numerous checklists, plenty of questions to ask and two good cameras. During our trip, we expect to see about 30 apartments, so we’re also going to make running commentaries on video as we go, that way we’ll have a full history of everything we’ve seen.”

“We are realistic and understand that we may not find our dream property on our first trip – but you have start somewhere, don’t you? Samantha and I are very excited and confident that it won’t be long before we are the proud owners of a lovely apartment. We’ve been watching property prices in Cyprus for a long time now and can’t wait to snap up a bargain!”

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