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Christmas shopping in Cyprus

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If you enjoyed the John Lewis Christmas advert, alas, there is no John Lewis in Cyprus. But hark, what is this I hear? They can deliver in three to seven days? Who says Santa doesn’t exist!


It’s funny to think that Cyprus is only a couple of hundred miles from Bethlehem – that’s closer than from London to Newcastle. While Christmas is an important event in the religious life of Cyprus, it also offers the chance for a bit of retail indulgence too!
How you regard the options for Christmas shopping in Cyprus probably depends on where in the UK you’re used to. If you live in or around cities like London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Brighton, be prepared for a little less variety in Cyprus. If you come from the usual UK town with a boarded up high street and too many pound shops, on the other hand, the friendly shopping experience in Cyprus will be a breath of fresh air.
High Street
Most of the towns in Cyprus have shopping malls or main shopping streets where you can find global chains for clothing and accessory shopping. You’ll find the likes of Marks & Spencer, Top Shop and Mango here as well as shoe shops such as Clarks. There is Swarovski for jewellery and gifts and, in the capital, a slew of designer outlets including Dolce and Gabbana. 
In most towns there is a mall which is a good one-stop-shop if you only want to park once and get everything under one roof.
In most towns there is a mall which is a good one-stop-shop if you only want to park once and get everything under one roof. Stores tend to have a selection of quality retailers and a food court for a coffee or snack stop while shopping.
IKEA has reached Nicosia and is very popular. It offers delivery with some orders and its famous Swedish restaurant is on the premises with a few local dishes for a Cypriot flavour. The view of the mountains from its windows makes a break for refreshments even more pleasant. There is a large chain box store in each of the towns called Home Base where you can get all your DIY goods and outdoor accessories. In Nicosia there is also the European name, Leroy Merlin which stocks products for all home improvement needs. 
Italian furniture is also very fashionable in Cyprus so if chic and elegant is your thing, you will find plenty of outlets on the island. 
As well as the global high street shops there are scores of small, independent niche shops selling everything from fashion design from Italy, Greece and beyond to wine and homemade chocolate merchants offering high-quality, select products. Check out names like Joulietta chocolates and Wine Workshop in Paphos. You will find similar outlets in each of the other towns as well. They’re too countless to name here but an online search will give you an idea of what is in your area.
While retailers tend to discount goods whenever it suits them, the official sales take place after Christmas and in August. They are well worth the wait for clothing and home goods. I tend to sniff around in December and earmark items I like for January!
If all else fails, although there is no John Lewis on the island, they will deliver in three to seven days. What a lifesaver!